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2024 Volunteer approach 

At Hammond Park Football Club we pride ourselves in creating a family fun environment for our kids. As Hurricanes we enjoy hosting fun and exciting kids days including Rego days, Sundowners, Auskick under lights fireworks, Hurricanes tunnels, great windups – lasting memories for our kids and members. As Hurricanes we are a giving club and this year there is over 65,000 volunteer hours given by our members to make our club one of the largest and best Auskick, junior, youth, masters and soon to be seniors club in the state.


Our “Run the club for the day” poll feedback has been gathered and the general understanding is our members want less change, hence we a parking that approach for now. We will continue to build on the existing volunteer approach utilising member volunteers that are already at game days events, employ limited paid staff to maintain one of our greatest revenues that supports our family fun events. We do still have a gap though of ~850 hours that needs to be filled in our game day support role. This role isn’t new, however we are looking to spread this across members that can commit a little help volunteer effort.


Key points

  • Club Operational roles are moving from a few members to members that can help a little more.

  • ~8,500 free volunteer hours are provided from 27 people in committee roles in 2024.

  • ~46,000 free volunteer hours are provided by 381 people across coaches, team managers, first aiders, MDO’s.

  • ~10,800 free volunteer hours are managed by our team managers provided by team parents across Auskick, Junior, Youth and Masters canteen support, Setup and pack up rosters, Match Day Official Roles, Auskick and Junior parent goal umpires, Siren and score board roles.

  • There is a gap of paid positions for Canteen Manager, Bar Manager and Junior Canteen staff that represents 1726 paid hours. This is at a cost of ~$45,000 per year. This will continue in 2024.

  • There is a further gap of game day operational support roles that need to be filled. This is forecast at 828 hours.

    • We currently have ~30 committee members, this equates to 28 hours extra over the course of the rounds. That is seven 4-hour shifts.

    • We are seeking further people to help in this role. Job description can be found here. Please email expression of interest to HPFC Volunteer Coorinator


What is remaining the same for 2024?

As a member, my team manager will still roster me on for the following roles:

  • Canteen helpers @ 4 x 1 hour shifts per each home game. New free online canteen food handler training will need to be completed: Food Handling Training - City of Cockburn

  • Junior and Youth Match Day Official / Timekeeper / Siren

  • Oval setup

    • Up to 6 people to help with goals, cones, bouncy castle and Gazebos setup

    • Ensure no sharp or slimy objects are on the kids playing surface

  • Oval pack up

    • Up to 6 people to help with goals, cones, Gazebos pack up

    • Sweep all change rooms

  • Goal umpire role, runner, MDO, first aid, coach and assistance coach roles within my team on each given game.

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