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Junior & Youth Registrations
For Year 3 to Year 12

All boys and girls in Year 3 and above wishing to play Junior football can register online, registrations are now open!!

​Junior player fees in 2024 include upgraded player insurance, training sessions with accredited coaches, club membership, loan club jumpers, windups, trophies,  umpires fees to name a few.

PLEASE NOTE that a requirement for game day for all youth players (year 7 & above) include the club polo, bag and black slacks. The club polo and bag are included in the fees for year 7 players only. 


Y3 to Y6 - $ 200 + $16.50 District Player Fee
Y7 to Y9 - $ 230 + $16.50 District Player Fee

Y10 - $ 250 + $16.50 District Player Fee

Y11/ Y12 - $ 330 + $16.50 District Player Fee


Year 3-9 games may be fixtured on some Fridays & Saturday's and Year 10-12 and all Female teams may be fixtured on some Fridays & Sunday's at various grounds across the district.

Each team will also train midweek at Botany Park & Frankland Park.

Any player interested in transferring from their current club over to Hammond Park can do so after the Transfer period opens on 1st February 2024.

To initiate a transfer, please email with your child's full name, Date of Birth & club they are transferring from.

Once the transfer is initiated, the system will automatically send off for approvals from firstly the club you are moving from, then the district and lastly to the registrar at Hammond Park. When all approvals are received (which could take up to 2 weeks) you will receive an email from PlayHQ advising that you can now complete your child's registration.


Your child's place at Hammond Park isn't considered finalised until you are registered and financial at HPFC.


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