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Parking at Frankland Park

Update April 2024:

As we all know, parking at Frankland Park is difficult and this season we will have further challenges. Access to our current overflow area is going to be cut off for periods this season due to land development in the area. The council did not account for the away teams in the original parking plan in 2021 and there is further limited parking along Frankland Ave.

The club has been addressing this parking concern with the council for over two years and escalated the matter in February this year. We are working with the council and coming up with a plan to utilise the land south of the oval for an overflow. We have developers standing by to help our community parking problem however the approval process for this carpark use is taking a while. We will keep you updated on the progress of opening up the South Overflow area, however in the meantime to alleviate parking problems at Franklands, please utilise the current overflow area at Vivente Estate Car Park and Hammond Park Senior Highschool.

Thank you for your patience in working on a longer-term solution. Any feedback to the council on this matter should be lodged at this location: 

2024 April Parking CoC.JPG
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