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2024 Committee

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Please use the below email addresses to contact people within the club. The secretary and registrar cannot cope with answering members emails. 




  • Events and Fundraising:  Carlee Hardy, Jessica Livingstone, Aliesha Mason, Erin Hassett, Carla Humble

  • Junior Coordinator: Daniel Iannello

  • Youth/Senior Coordinator: Josh Hall 

  • Coaching Coordinator: Darren Smith 

  • Auskick Coordinator: Jared Hardy

  • Auskick Registrar: Leanne Iannello

  • Canteen Supervisor: Multiple Paid and volunteer positions

  • Bar Supervisor: Luke Robinson

  • Merchandise Coordinator: Arron Webb 

  • Facilities and Equipment Coordinator: Heath McKenzie

  • Social Media Coordinator: Ranae Hall 

  • IT Coordinator: Jeremy Maddocks

  • Masters Delegate: Tom O'Connor and Nathan Lucus    

  • Female Representative: Gio La Rosa 

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Amanda Jane Peacock 

  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Daniel Allen

  • General Committee: Bethwyn Macukat, Brad McAuliffe, Leah Haskell, Mike Seneti, Craig Burleigh, Eamon Dabadie, Graham Weatherherd 



  • Canteen Supervisor: Jess Falwasser

  • Bar Supervisor: Luke Robinson

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